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Nov 23, 2009 11:00pm EST
time in the united states that any legislature has passed a bill that forces pro life clinics to display a sign that they don't counsel women towards abortion. tonight a spokesman for the mayor says she's reviewing legislation and has not decided whether she'll sign it. the archdiocese is looking at possible legal action if she signs that bill. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >>> another day has gone by and still, no verdict. after a weekend off, we're told the jury did make some strides today but they still can't come to an agreement in the theft trial of mayor sheila dixon. we're working off some of the trial stress this evening at the k hill rec center. back to work tomorrow morning. more on what transpired in the courtroom today and what we can expect when they return to the court house. >> reporter: after three days now, and about 19 hours of deliberation, this jury asked to go home again tonight without a verdict. after passing a note this morning saying they were making great progress, the dixon jury asked to be released for the third day in a row saying "we have not com
Nov 3, 2009 11:00pm EST
and dry cool front located right off the eastern school board of the united states. there's another front, a fast- mover also, stretching down through illinois, through portions of missouri, moving in our direction now. before that gets here, during the day on wednesday, this big dome of high pressure, that's gonna sit over the top of the region. giving us clear skies tonight, sunshine tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon these clouds start making their way in our direction. it's moving fast. clouds moving in over the top of the region during the afternoon and the evening. by tomorrow night and into early thursday morning a few light showers in the baltimore area. nothing showing up right now in maryland's most powerful radar. tomorrow night we'll be tracking some showers making their way through the region. eldersberg 45 and 45, 43, 46 in frederick and rock hall. right now they are winning the prize for the warm temperature, 51 degrees. here is your forecast for tonight. during the day tomorrow lots of sunshine, here comes those clouds. tomorrow night after midnight a few showers break out,
Nov 24, 2009 11:00pm EST
, we're not alone. it's the entire eastern united states, active weather pattern aloft. very little sunshine to be found anywhere. even down in northern florida. a significant storm system spiraling its way. it's going to create windy and wet weather into chicago. that could create flight delays. that area of low pressure will track off to our north tomorrow but we'll still see showers around here throughout the day. we'll get a few spokes of precipitation on the south side of that low as it kind of moves to the east. cool, breezy weather the story again tomorrow. our best chance for rain? probably coming later in the day. soggy and damp all day. but a steadier rain possible as we go into the day tomorrow. stop around 4, 5:00, showers there. so when you add in the additional people on the road for that wednesday commute, it could be a kind of a slick one and a high traffic scenario tomorrow night. watch out for that. now, the good news here, a little silver lining for us, right now, thanksgiving day itself, looking like a cloudy day. a little better weather as we go into our thanksg
Nov 4, 2009 11:00pm EST
. the team now place at unbc. the maryland state authority has agreed to look into -- $30 million proposal. a second proposal for dc united is being looked at as well. >>> $24 million in stadium related projects, 4 million will go toward a new score board at m & t. another 10 million used for structural improvements at camden yards. the rest approved to pay for energy conservation measures at both stadiums. the money comes from the state authority budget which is primarily funded by the state lottery. >>> norm will have a final look at your forecast, coming up next. stay with us. >>> tomorrow on good morning maryland, an internet fraud scam is back with new ways to steal your personal data. that story plus weather, traffic, and more tomorrow on good morning maryland. (announcer) nothing matches that dentist level of clean. but imagine if you could get that dentist smooth clean feeling every time you brush at home. ♪ you can, with oral-b rechargeable brushes. dentist inspired cupping action surrounds each tooth to remove up to twice as much plaque as a regular manual brush. the power of a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4